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In trying to create a Windows Defender Offline USB flash drive I received the error message

“windows defender offline tool error” 0007-80004005

The root cause of the error seems to be that I had inadvertently formatted my USB flash drives as GPT instead of MBR. To clear the GPT I started DISKPART and entered following DISKPART commands:

List disk —————–{list number assigned by DiskPart to the USB drive}
select disk 1 ————-{my hard drive was 0, and 1 was the USB flash drive}
detail disk —————{info will help verify that you’ve selected the desired USB flash drive}
clean all —————–{write zeroes to all bytes of selected disk}
create partition primary –{create a primary partition in the selected disk}
select partition 1 ——–{select the partition you just created}
active ——————–{mark the partition as Active, ie, a system bootable partition}
format fs=ntfs ————{format the partition as ntfs}
assign ——————–{assign next available drive letter to the volume}
exit ———————-{exit DISKPART and return to the command-shell prompt}

After wiping the GPT off the flash drive I was able to successfully create a Windows Defender Offline flash drive.

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Go to Nvidia Control panel and set Power management mode to use prefer maximum performance and change maximum pre rendered frames to 3.

Boom. Stuttering gone


Open the GamerProfile.xml file with Notepad Find GPUMaxBufferedFrames=”0″ and change to GPUMaxBufferedFrames=”1″

and also DisableLoadingMip0 =”1″. You don’t have to do this to eliminate the stuttering but it wont eliminate completely, there will be slight micro stutter to the well trained eye. try it.


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Have you played CRYSIS 2 COOP ?

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Far Cry 4 Coop – open world free roam coop. I do believe we have a winner.

– Free open world to run around in.
– Respawn times and player rescue.
– Match finding, lobby system.
– Campaign style – not too caught up in a coop thing.
– Level changes and load times.
– Game Save System – Load and Save coop games.

A must play for any cooperative gamer. You need multiple CD Keys, so just go out and get it as fast as you can. All the keygens and serials are fake and full of malware so don’t even bother. oh yeah I will need you to fill out a short survey.. lol

Awesome game and I really think they hit all the important parts for being the BEST COOP GAME EVER ! well almost..

The free roam open world coop was a must and I cant believe no body has done it sooner. Great Job guys !!!

-Replay ability play some smashup up derby with your friend, Go on a hunting safari, Clean his clock in a death match hunt you down if you can type of play. Maybe take to the sky’s in a good old fashion Dog Fight. Congratulation on a wonderful game. Thank you for the PC support and Cooperative game state of mind. BEST EVER.

Did I mention you can also just play the game.

Farcry 4 coop

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How to start Far Cry 4 Coop Game on the PC.

Well first of all you need to complete about 6 missions to enable the Co-Op mode. That’s the entire first level. Or you can simply download the first level save game files and place them into your appropriate directory.

Mine was: C:\Users\(NAME)\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 4

others could be:

to enable coop play.

This must be completed on all the machines you will be playing with. Once this is done

– Continue or start a online game on the first machine.

– Then on that same first machine Get to this menu and click this GINORMOUS button.

This will enable the


option on other systems if your looking for a game with just your friends.

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I’m not impressed with Crysis 2 or 3 Graphics wise or other.

All the levels are waaaay toooo daaark.

WTF especially CRYSIS 3

Crysis 2 wasn’t to bad but it was on rails.

But the rails and darkness of crisis 3 was unacceptable. I cant understand what all the fuss was about.

Best graphics ever ? bull shit !

Crysis had better graphics 5 years earlier.

Far Cry 4 is in your open world mouth and has co-op.

Now the original crisis with dinosaurs running around and cooperative play. It also would need the deep rich sound of crisis 2 that might certainly move it up a notch or two for me.

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