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Kane and Lynch Coop PC NO Xbox Controller. Who puts a split screen co-op on a PC game?

Yes PC has split-screen.

I managed to run co-op with generic standard controller.
If anyone is intereste, here’s instruction:

1. First you need XBOX 360 Controller emulator by Racer_S
You can get it HERE
You probably need 3 files: xinput1_3.dll xinput1_2.dll and xinput1_1.dll
Just copy xinput1_3.dll from the archive 3 times and change the names.
Copy those files to C:Windowssystem32

After that the game still tells you to connect Xbox360 controller.

2. Open registry editor (Start button -> Run -> type “regedit”)
WARNING: Messing with your registry may crash your system so watch out or give it a rest if you have no ide what you’re doing.

Press CTRL+F and search for your gamepad name (name that shows in Contrll Panel -> Controllers window) – “PSX to USB adapter” in my case – at “OEMName” and change it’s value to “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows” (export the whole key before).

That’s all, co-op works :)
Few more things:
– if you get this working game will use controller as a default for first player in solo mode
– if you DO have Xbox360 controller, I wouldn’t reccomend this operation cause it coul mess up your controller settings or whatever.
– if you have X360 controller and it douesn’t work with game make sure it is recognised as “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows”. If it’s not you may try doing step to to correct that.

Have fun!

You can copy this instructions wherever you want, just give credits me and Racer_S for his wonderfull emulator.

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Left 4 Dead PC Coop
Do I need to switch to a game console ?  Why can’t I just put the CD in and play my game I just bought.. Your killing the PC.

Thank God you seem to have coop..
But I had to click threw 7 that’s seven advertisements and update.. Then steam had to update.. Then the game had to update…. WTF it’s brand new I just want to play what I paid for…

My DSL is out and I use my cellphone. boy-oh-boy does this suck..

Just think with a X-Box or PS3 you just pop in the CD.. YOUR KILLING THE PC..

Stop worrying about piracy just make a good game and people will pay…

Thank you for the cooperative play – It better have LAN play and I don’t care about having 2 two CD keys if the game is good..

Why do I need to go threw 2 hrs of Install/Updating?

Left4Dead LAN Setup Instructions:   Don’t Download anything.
Startup Left4Dead in offline mode and enable the console.

1) Open console, type “sv_lan 1”

2) Then type “sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0”

3) Then type “net_start”

4) Then type “map “ remember space after map then use arrow keys and enter to select a map.

The Game will start a LAN offline serve and play host.

Other Connecting Gamers In the console type
“connect” the hosts IP address.

Offline and all with the same CD Key – Left4Dead LAN Coop Play. Use a NO CD fixed .exe from – No CD shuffling !

other useful console commands:

To set the difficulty type “z_difficulty” on the server before you select the map.



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COD world at war – Coop Same CD Key
Vista Could not get game installed. Install Error file not found. So I Copied the cd to harddisk and open the setup folder and click the .exe and the game plays. NO INSTALL

Coop play
I had the same problem when I was trying to play on the same server as my friend in the same house.

Right click your COD icon, then click properties and where it says target add this to the end after a space +set net_port 28960.

Then on your other computer do the exact same thing except change the 0 in the number to 1 just like this, +set net_port 28961. In order to get coop and multilayer both working you have to do this to both icons (cod multiplayer & cod Solo/Coop)

This worked for me, hope it works for you.