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Hello and welcome to a cooperative PC game website. The big list. Our website is always changing and being updated please check back from time to time. We have tried to compile a current list of cooperative PC game tiles. Enjoy and please post any information that might be useful.  -STARTNET



Coop games seem to have these  problems time after time. It is always a swing and a miss..  At least for the last 15 years or so…

1) Respawn – Ammo & Heath – Respawn is very important. Don’t do a turok 3 lives total crap. We want to play the game. We want to set the respawn.. Ammo and Reloads, Heath. Make sure that there is plenty around so if you want to get in there and shoot around with your friends you can.  At Least enable a friends only game with cheats so I’m not thirsty, hungry or have to really do much of anything except shoot and play with my friends in the world.  Aka Deathmatch.

2) Campaign – Don’t get caught up in the coop thing where one guy has to open a door or something. Have multiple coop game types but don’t change the levels. We want the game not A coop thing. Do the single player campaign with cooperative game play. Build it into the engine !!!

3) Level changes & Load times – Do I have to talk about load time and level changes. All players need to auto load to the next level. Rainbow Six Vegas is a master at respawn time and level changes/load times.

4) VOIP – Voice over IP. I like to talk to my teammates and partners in multiplayer games. Add this feather with mute, On, Off options.

5) SAVE Games – Multiple Coop match save options. Save this coop match with this friend. Saved that coop match with that friend.

6) Match Making & Lobby – Needs Privet game password or friends only. Direct IP connect is always the easiest.  Connection or finding local LAN games. Do a nice easy clean lobby. I want to see the LAN games and connect with no problems. The Left4Dead lobby just sucks. These guys really get paid for this? What’s with all the console commands and crap. Just please get the connection right !!!..  Automatically find the network games. Do Direct IP connect. WAN and LAN game type. I like to see LAN in the games.

7) VR – Add support. HMD and touch controllers.  As for the hands please don’t get the handling wrong. I am talking about Gun, Reload, Picking up objects or dropping them un expectedly. Make the hand mechanics good clean and easy, Reload, Backpsack, holsters and  chest storage. Killing floor VR guns ammo and heath system is nice.

8) Deathmatch Games – Don’t worry about Deathmatch. it is always their no matter what. Just turn and shoot !!!

If you’re not playing cooperative you’re just playing with yourself.


Best VR game dream ups

  • Touch Controllers – Use Killing Floor Gun, Ammo and heath System/Hands.
  • VOIP like in Seeking Dawn. it adds so much to the game.
  • Locomotion with snap turning options. Killing floors movement system.
  • Breath mist or smoke from the cold as you breath. Like in ONWARD
  • Direct Connect multiplayer WAN / LAN with options Friends/privet like Arizona Sunshine.
  • No Wave shooters. Explore, Discover and be Found
  • Open World –  Balanced mixture of shooting and adventure.

I would make a game with a open world forest from the Robinsons/Farcry/LOST demo. Then I would fill it with wild life. Dinosaurs or alien monsters and not cheesy SSAM monsters either. nice dinos like in the DreamDeck demo or the Robinsons. You need lots of guns and ammo that you can find easily and the game is that you must survive and make it back/out alive.

The worlds of Seeking Dawn, Killing floor, Zero caliber, Evasion, Robo recall, Gunhart all are nice. Why not do one of each. Good worlds Seeking Dawn does it. The payday 2 VR Mod runs just fine so up the graphics. Please no lame duck VR graphics.

Explore, Discover and be Found.  Open World – A balanced mixture of shooting and adventure.

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