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Coop games seem to have these 5 problems time after time. It is always a swing and a miss..  At least for the last 10 years or so…

1) Respawn – Respawn is very important. Don’t do a turok 3 lives total crap. We want to play the game. We want to set the respawn..

2) Campaign – Don’t get caught up in the coop thing where one guy has to open a door or something. Have multiple coop game types but don’t change the levels. We want the game not A coop thing. Do the single player campaign with cooperative game play. Build it into the engine !!!

3) Level changes & Load times – Do I have to talk about load time and level changes. All players need to auto load to the next level. Rainbow Six Vegas is a master at respawn time and level changes/load times.

4) SAVE Games – Multiple Coop match save options. Save this coop match with this friend. Saved that coop match with that friend. 

5) Lobby – Connection or finding local LAN games. Do a nice easy clean lobby. I want to see the LAN games and connect with no problems. The Left4Dead lobby just sucks. These guys really get paid for this? What’s with all the console commands and crap. Just please get the connection right !!!..  Automatically find the network games.

oh yeah – Don’t worry about death match It’s always their no matter what. Just turn and shoot !!! If your not playing cooperative your just playing with yourself.