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In trying to create a Windows Defender Offline USB flash drive I received the error message

“windows defender offline tool error” 0007-80004005

The root cause of the error seems to be that I had inadvertently formatted my USB flash drives as GPT instead of MBR. To clear the GPT I started DISKPART and entered following DISKPART commands:

List disk —————–{list number assigned by DiskPart to the USB drive}
select disk 1 ————-{my hard drive was 0, and 1 was the USB flash drive}
detail disk —————{info will help verify that you’ve selected the desired USB flash drive}
clean all —————–{write zeroes to all bytes of selected disk}
create partition primary –{create a primary partition in the selected disk}
select partition 1 ——–{select the partition you just created}
active ——————–{mark the partition as Active, ie, a system bootable partition}
format fs=ntfs ————{format the partition as ntfs}
assign ——————–{assign next available drive letter to the volume}
exit ———————-{exit DISKPART and return to the command-shell prompt}

After wiping the GPT off the flash drive I was able to successfully create a Windows Defender Offline flash drive.

Originally posted 2014-11-29 14:06:14.