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First of all I want to say my english is terrible. BUT… I’ve found a easy way to fix most of the stutters/frame skipping.
This fixed 100% of the stutter problems. Playing with a Gigabyte AMD HD7870.

– Open My documents > Open Folder My Games
– Open Folder Far Cry 4
– Open the GamerProfile.xml file with Notepad

– Change this setting; (Press CTRL+F to open the search function)

DisableLoadingMip0 = “0”


DisableLoadingMip0 = “1”

– This may not work for all videocards/setups. If not try this: (Thanks Patilion)




Save the file and close. Open it again to double check of the settings has been saved.

Launch the game and HAVE FUN!
Let me and the others know with a reply of this fix worked for you! I’m sure it does tho..

(If you are unable to save the game make sure you run the game as Administrator)

(Close google chrome while playing games. This gives you 5~15 FPS boost)

Originally posted 2014-12-10 14:16:43.