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Call Of duty: Black Ops 3 Stuttering Lag Fix

1.) COMPLETELY exit the game. Make sure no instance of it is running.

2.) Locate your config.ini file.

Steam in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Call Of Duty Black Ops III/players/

3.) Once you have opened the file search for VideoMemory.

4.) Replace the .90 with a .75

5.) Load the game up and play

Out of memory issue Fix COD BO3 :

This workaround was published on steam forums. We hope you all solve the out of memory issue after following these instructions.

1. Right click in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop and select “System” from the menu

2. Click ‘Advanced System settings’ in the left hand panel of the ‘System’ window

3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab in the System properties window

4. In the ‘Performance’ options, click ‘Settings’
5. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab in the Performance Options

6. Under ‘Virtual Memory’ click ‘Change

7. Uncheck ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ if it is selected.

8. Select ‘Custom size’ and type ‘4096’ into Initial size (MB) and ‘6144’ into Maximum size (MB)

9. Click ‘Set’, click ‘OK’ and restart.

More Lag issues Call Of Duty: black Ops 3 fix:

Make the following changes in Nvidia control panel .

◾Set the “power management mode” to “prefer maximum performance”

◾And make sure that CUDA-GPUs is set to “All”

◾Enable triple buffering, threaded optimization and textured filtering.

Click apply and restart your PC. Now run the game.

If you still experience lag, end the unwanted background tasks and set high priority to BO3 in the Task manager.



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