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Windows keeps telling me “You have files waiting to be burned to disc”

Always wanting to burn file to disk. Deleting Burn to disc cache.

Whenever you tell your PC to copy files to a disc, Windows copies those files and hides the copies in a temporary folder. And those files sit there forever, waiting for you to insert your disc and complete the burning process. And until you insert that disc, you’ll keep seeing that annoying message.

But if you don’t want to burn the files to the disc — perhaps you chose the Burn command accidentally, for example — that nagging message remains in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You can usually get rid of the message by following these steps:

1.Click the Start button, and click the Computer button.
2.Right click on your CD or DVD drive and click “Delete temporary files.”
3.Click Yes.

Advanced method: Windows stores copies of files waiting to be written to disc in this folder:

(Substitute your own User Account name for “ANDY” in the above example.)

Delete the files and folders waiting in the “Burn” folder, and the message will disappear.


Originally posted 2011-04-10 23:53:25.