Crysis Co-op is a mod

Coop PC Games. Crysis Co-op is a mod for crysis wars and crysis focused mainly on crysis wars that will enable AI in multiplayer for up to 4 players. The mod will feature a full campaign spanning across 6 levels including the tropical’s of the island the icey wastelands of the sphere and the other-worldly interoir of the alien space ship. The story will take place in the same peroid as the first crysis game where you will play as a US special forces team, geared with the high tech nanosuit, that have been assigned to the marines, to help liberate the Korean presence on the island and then soon to discover the hidden alien threat looming over them. Enemies will be the same featured in the crysis game, the North koreans, scouts,hunter,aliens and the warrior. Unfourtanetly the trooper will not feature in the mod due to crashes in multiplayer which are yet to be resolved

Goto the download section and download all maps as fast as you can. Unzip and place them in the map dir of crysis wars. (The “ia” dir or the “ps” dir)

Play The Best Engine on the planet in cooperative mode right now..

Crysis Wars Coop- Not Crysis WARHEAD. Not Crysis (well some maps work in crysis) Just use CrysisWars to play.

Enjoy Crysis Wars

Originally posted 2010-01-26 22:10:53.