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I will try to compile a list of games that have a VR cockpit or Dashboard Mouselook option. Use the mouse to pan around the cockpit in Virtual Cockpit mode. Free look (also known as mouselook) describes the ability to move the mouse to rotate the player character’s view in computer and video games.
Virtual in car, Virtual in plane cockpit simulator mouse look freelook. Free Look

VR Games – List of VR PC games.
The ones I’ve tested so far:

IL2-Sturmovik – Full Mouse Look Virtual Cockpit.
LiveforSpeed – Full Rear and all In-Car Free Look LFS

The realism of virtual reality (VR) I need mouselook for the HDM baby !!! I don’t want to hold down a button to free look either..

Virtual Cockpit: In car Virtual Dashboard
Allows you to ‘lock’ the game client into mouselook mode without having to hold down the right button.

cockpit mouselook Head tracking VR games

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