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Project VR Fishing (Real VR Fishing)

MirageSoft’s Project VR Fishing Could be the Most Realistic yet – Unlike Bait! or Catch & Release, Project VR Fishing goes for a far more realistic looking experience as MirageSoft is using photogrammetry alongside high-resolution horizontal 8K panoramic textures. As the screenshots and video below showcase, Project VR Fishing isn’t going to be your average arcade VR videogame with some incredibly detailed – and real –  South Korean fishing spots

Download – https://www.facebook.com/RealVRFishing/

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To begin with Project VR Fishing will feature freshwater lure fishing, with MirageSoft confirming to VRFocus via email that three different versions are currently in development. A theme park version which supports four players using custom built reel controller, will be completed in May 2018 for South Korean attractions