Left 4 Dead PC Coop
Do I need to switch to a game console ?  Why can’t I just put the CD in and play my game I just bought.. Your killing the PC.

Thank God you seem to have coop..
But I had to click threw 7 that’s seven advertisements and update.. Then steam had to update.. Then the game had to update…. WTF it’s brand new I just want to play what I paid for…

My DSL is out and I use my cellphone. boy-oh-boy does this suck..

Just think with a X-Box or PS3 you just pop in the CD.. YOUR KILLING THE PC..

Stop worrying about piracy just make a good game and people will pay…

Thank you for the cooperative play – It better have LAN play and I don’t care about having 2 two CD keys if the game is good..

Why do I need to go threw 2 hrs of Install/Updating?

Left4Dead LAN Setup Instructions:   Don’t Download anything.
Startup Left4Dead in offline mode and enable the console.

1) Open console, type “sv_lan 1”

2) Then type “sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0”

3) Then type “net_start”

4) Then type “map “ remember space after map then use arrow keys and enter to select a map.

The Game will start a LAN offline serve and play host.

Other Connecting Gamers In the console type
“connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” the hosts IP address.

Offline and all with the same CD Key – Left4Dead LAN Coop Play. Use a NO CD fixed .exe from GameCopyWorld.com – No CD shuffling !

other useful console commands:

To set the difficulty type “z_difficulty” on the server before you select the map.



Originally posted 2008-11-21 16:37:20.