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Welcome to the fastest RPG shooter ever made Gunheart is an online co-op RPG shooter where you and your friends become customizable robotic bounty hunters trying to make a buck at the edge of the galaxy. KEY FEATURES Move across the battlefield at the speed of thought Strafe, teleport, or boost jump anywhere and everywhere to cover kilometer long battlefields instantaneously. With teleport at your fingertips it’s easier than ever to grab the high ground and destroy the invaders. 10 unique weapons to unlock and master Each weapon can be leveled up to unlock…

Download – Gunheart-SKIDROW.Torrent

Download – Gunheart.Torrent


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GTX 970
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

How to start a cooperative game.

  1. Start Oculus + Steam + Steam VR on both PCs
  2. Start GunHeart on both PCs and select Play On-Line (top One)
  3. On 1 PC goto the Job Goblin and start a Game.
  4. On the other PC hit menu/menu and select friends and join.

Have fun.


Some tips for new players. Feel free to add any tips you think are missing.

Basic Game Tips

  • To break the game down, simply: Complete mission > earn cash > spend cash (upgrading armor/health and weapons) > repeat (unlocking new missions and weapons in the process).
  • You start the game in the lobby/hub. You’ll often find random players hanging out here that you can interact with (kinda like rec room, its a social space). Here, you have access to the cosmetic and rig upgrade shop, weapon shop and the mission select area. You’ll return here after completing or aborting a mission (“bounty”).
  • You can bend crossbow bullets by holding down the trigger after shooting and moving your arm to control the projectile for a short duration.
  • You can move freely and teleport (Teleport is required to go to higher or lower areas and platforms)
  • Sprint by double tapping the direction. This is a great way to revive someone when surrounded by enemies, whilst avoiding enemy fire like a ninja (you can only sprint if you have free movement enabled in options).
  • You can use the multi-tool to pick barrels, cases, crates and other objects. Use the trigger (shoot) button to throw them with force. Hold the grab/grip button to use the multi-tool.
  • You can also use the multi-tool to rip limbs off enemies too (use the multi-tool in each hand at the same time and rip them apart)
  • The multi-tool is also used to revive players during missions (more details in mission tips)
  • Placing both weapons together so that the tops of the guns meet will transform them into a 2 hand weapon.
  • There are 3 social tools: One that draws blocks, balloon gun and a big foam hand. To use one, draw them from your back (like you pulling out a sword) and tap the grab/grip buton. Once you have one of the social tools, you can switch through them by tapping the grab/grib button again. The foam hand can be changed to another by pressing the trigger buttton.
  • To change your social tool back to a gun, put it back the same way you took it out
  • All weapons are powerful when upgraded, so find the gun that you’re most comfortable with and work towards completing the upgrades.
  • You can change your loadout via the options menu
  • Unlocking achievments will reward you with new cosmetics, new titles, new guns and upgrades
  • You can view your character level/rank at the cosmetics store (pac co), so if you’re rig level is 3 its wise not to jump into a level 15 mission where enemies will one-shot you.

Mission Tips

  • When starting the game, you have access to the 1st location only. Completing each mission once is a good way to unlock the next location.
  • There are 15 missions in game at the time of writing this post, split across 4 different locations/ chapters. Each location you unlock will have 4 missions (1 story and 3 side/challenge missions), excluding the last location which has 3 misisons.
  • Each mission comes with a recommended level but you can join any mission in progress (although its highly recommended for first time players to start with “Homestead” mission 1).
  • When selecting a mission at the job goblin, you can specify to join an existing game of that mission or to start a brand new one in the lower left corner of the mission select screen. To prevent players from joining you can set it to invite only (at the time of writing this, there a still a few issues with invite only but devs are working to fix this asap.
  • Look out for green cash keg/barrels in each mission, shooting these will give you $15. Many are hidden out of sight in high places and below platforms so get exploring. These are not shared with your team, a little rivalry never hurt >:D
  • Players are revived using the multi-tool, the same device used to grab objects. Just point at a player and hold the grab button, the beam will become green to indicate your reviving.
  • Reviving fallen team members will give you extra cash at the end of the mission
  • Your mission reward is calculated based on enemy kills, revives and cash kegs destroyed

Voice chat, movement and other options

  • To use “Push to talk”, simply hold your one of your hads to the side of your mouth (so you look like you’re shouting to someone far away). It should say voice chat activated at the bottom of your vision for the duration.
  • Steam and Oculus friends are found on the “friends” tab in social.
  • Crew serves as the in-game friend system (seperate from your steam or oculus friend list). You can add someone by opening the menu, going to social > local and inviting someone to your crew. Whenever a player starts a mission, a prompt will appear for all crew members to join the game (this is an automatic invite by the system, so don’t feel pressured to join).
  • By default, you can only teleport. To enable free movement, go to options and change to strafe+teleport.
  • Teleport is required for reaching places you can’t walk to (areas above or below or across chasms for example)
  • You can change rotation settings from rotating with teleport to rotating/snap turning on spot via options too (called look turn).
  • You can mute people via the social tab (a ghosting feature will be completed soon that renders ghosted players invisible and unable to join your game).

And lastly, atleast one dev is online normally on the official discord: https://www.reddit.com/r/gunheart/comments/6od72j/gunheart_discord/

EDIT: Corrected the voice chat push to talk function and added the importance of teleport, thanks Boll 😀

EDIT2: Added revive tips thanks to RadialBlur_