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Oculus Rift VR 


 Best PC VR Cooperative Games

  • Zero Caliber (Direct Connect / LAN) – A Must Play Title.
  • Seeking Dawn – A Must Play Title.
  • Kill Floor Incursion – A Must Play Title.
  • Arizona Sunshine (Direct Connect / LAN) – A Must Play Title.
  • Pavlov
  • Payday 2 VR (MOD)
  • Elite Dangerous
  • BattleSky VR
  • Half-Life VR (MOD)

I will be compiling a full list of VR Games. This will include screen shots and video of the game play. All in a easy to Find / Replay reference.  All the Coop titles will be high lighted along with notes like “Direct Connect” and “Multiplayer Set up instructions” to help you get the right multiplayer VR game up and running.

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