Had to upgrade my computers recently. I think it was a uncontrollable – incredible need for DirectX 11. As I move into HDTV 1920×1080 & 4K Gaming it brought new life to some of my older games.

HDTV – PC Co-Op Gaming.


And then I was off in a mad rush to install my coop games so me and my friends could play again. This is the quick order that I installed them in.


  • Crysis Wars – coop maps
  • Turok 2008
  • Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 + 2 Patched/Mappacked
  • Farcry – with coop mod
  • Swat 4 -patched
  • Gears of War – FULL coop no split screen
  • CloseCombat First to Fight
  • Doom3 – with coop mod.
  • Half-Life2 – with coop mod.
  • FEAR – with coop mod.
  • No One Lives Forever 2 – updated
  • DeadlyDozen2 – patched
  • Live for Speed
  • Need for Speed HP2
  • Call of Duty – World at War – BEST COOP GAME 2009
  • Left4Dead
  • Operation Flash Point
  • GRID


I was able to get all these running HD and without any Virtual Drives or CD shuffling. I used fixed .exe’s from – Nice… Somehow I still can’t get Brothers in Arms EIB running yet with Windows, and I think the Stalker coop is a fake. The SSam series is not running yet.  All very awesome in Ultra-HD 4k.