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Call Of duty: Black Ops 3 Stuttering Lag Fix

1.) COMPLETELY exit the game. Make sure no instance of it is running.

2.) Locate your config.ini file.

Steam in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Call Of Duty Black Ops III/players/

3.) Once you have opened the file search for VideoMemory.

4.) Replace the .90 with a .75

5.) Load the game up and play

Out of memory issue Fix COD BO3 :

This workaround was published on steam forums. We hope you all solve the out of memory issue after following these instructions.

1. Right click in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop and select “System” from the menu

2. Click ‘Advanced System settings’ in the left hand panel of the ‘System’ window

3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab in the System properties window

4. In the ‘Performance’ options, click ‘Settings’
5. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab in the Performance Options

6. Under ‘Virtual Memory’ click ‘Change

7. Uncheck ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ if it is selected.

8. Select ‘Custom size’ and type ‘4096’ into Initial size (MB) and ‘6144’ into Maximum size (MB)

9. Click ‘Set’, click ‘OK’ and restart.

More Lag issues Call Of Duty: black Ops 3 fix:

Make the following changes in Nvidia control panel .

◾Set the “power management mode” to “prefer maximum performance”

◾And make sure that CUDA-GPUs is set to “All”

◾Enable triple buffering, threaded optimization and textured filtering.

Click apply and restart your PC. Now run the game.

If you still experience lag, end the unwanted background tasks and set high priority to BO3 in the Task manager.


You this link:

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Series


◾Point of Contact

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Triple Monitor Gaming

Now Available with


The Verticals and the horizontals

Watch Video’s







Setting up 3 Screens PC 5760×1080 Triple HD Gaming. 11520×2160 Triple 4k Gaming.

1920×1080 HD times 3×1 = 5760×1080 =16×3 Aspect Ratio 48×9 *** correct***
3x 1920×1080 landscape = 5760×1080 = 6,220,800 pixels = 5.33:1 aspect ratio
3840×2160 4k times 3 = 11520×2160

Modded a Laptop cart from Walmart and a Triple Monitor Stand from Amazon along with various Cables/Hubs and IR.

Getting Nvidia Surround to work at HD and 4K Tools

The Problem:
You’re attempting to get Nvidia Surround working on your shiny new setup. You bought your monitors at different times, however, and you could never determine the sync polarity since most manufacturers don’t list it. Now when you go to set up Surround, it either doesn’t work at all or it defaults to first resolution that has the same polarity, which is usually ridiculously small and the wrong aspect ratio.

The Solution:
The idea is to trick Nvidia into thinking you have the same monitors, by forcing one of their drivers on the other two. I do not recommend trying this unless you’re sure the monitors are extremely similar, such as my Acer’s from above. If you mess up your monitor by putting a different manufacturer’s driver on it, you do so at your own risk. With that said, here’s the steps:

1.Download MonInfo. Open up this tool, and find the monitor you want to use in the top left dialog area. Select it and then choose File > Create INF to export a driver from the monitor. Save the file in a folder that has no other INF files, preferrably a new directory.

2.Install the latest Nvidia drivers (I used 301.42 WHQL) as a clean installation. Basically, we need to clear any Custom Resolutions and settings you may have created if you’ve been trying to fix this prior to starting these steps.


4.Go to the Device Manager and find your monitors. Regardless of how they’re listed, Right Click and uninstall each of them one by one. After they’ve all been removed, Scan for Hardware Changes so that Windows will put Generic PnP monitors in their place. What you want to do here is the important part. For each monitor, Right Click and choose Update Driver. Go through whatever steps you need to in order to get to the Have Disk menu, and select that you have a disk. When the Browse window opens up, navigate to the INF file you created earlier. Windows will complain about the driver not being signed (of course it isn’t, you made it!), so make sure to click allow/accept on any prompts that show up. Repeat this process for each of your monitors until the Device Manager shows them all as the same monitor, which was ‘G235H EDID Override’ in my case.


6.Open up your Nvidia Control Panel and go directly to the Surround setup, and choose configure. If all went well, Surround should now be working and correctly configurable.
7.If Surround didn’t work after this then try repeating the process, except use a different monitor as the driver to base your other monitors off of. I attempted to use the X233H driver for my other two monitors first to no avail, while using the G235H driver instead worked perfectly. Sometimes it just takes tinkering.

Monitor Asset Manager is a Plug and Play monitor information utility that works under all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows

Other Tools you want to look into:

Flawless Widescreen –
Widescreen Fixer –

Getting Video standard or HD / 4k to Span across all screens.
Video on widescreen all screens

Easy Fix: Kodi –
Download XBMC or Kodi Now. This will Span Video on all screens relatively easy. Enjoy :)

Second Fix: VLC Player- Download it.

You can use VLCplayer to split the video across all screens by setting up a Video wall or Video Desktop

Note: You must use the old VLCplayer V1.1.1 For the Video to go full screen.

VLC-Video-Wall-Configuration-v1.1.1 only

Also Use VLCplayer To Pull Live Video from a Tuner Card and span it to all monitors
How to pull Video from tuner card with VLC Player

Tuner app must be started and running.

1 Put tuner on channel you want.
2 open VLC player
3 click media then Capture device.
4 set capture mode to: DVB DirectShow
5 set DVB type to: ATSC (For Locale HD)
6 set transponder/muliplex frequency to: Channel’s Frequency ( your tuner software should reveal this for you.
7 Set Bandwidth to: Undefined

Now use the Video Wall option mentioned above to get it to span all the monitors.

TV – Tuner Card Software
I found that the DVBViewer Pro Software is the Best and it’s just $10.00
Works with most PCi and USB tuner hardware.

Awsome Download:

Video to fill whole screen.
Please note: Aspect ratios mentioned above to get the correct Look with your current resolution.

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GTA 5 PC Connecting with friends privet connection. GTA V

can’t connect to privet friends match.
unable to find friends/

To find session friend.
failed to connect..



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Fuck’en redonk I bought 2 copies and still can’t play with the computer 2 feet away. U lied to me and I paid 128.00 and more and it still don’t work.

GTA 5 PC connecting with friends.
WTF Patch it now it’s been 2 months

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First of all I want to say my english is terrible. BUT… I’ve found a easy way to fix most of the stutters/frame skipping.
This fixed 100% of the stutter problems. Playing with a Gigabyte AMD HD7870.

– Open My documents > Open Folder My Games
– Open Folder Far Cry 4
– Open the GamerProfile.xml file with Notepad

– Change this setting; (Press CTRL+F to open the search function)

DisableLoadingMip0 = “0”


DisableLoadingMip0 = “1”

– This may not work for all videocards/setups. If not try this: (Thanks Patilion)




Save the file and close. Open it again to double check of the settings has been saved.

Launch the game and HAVE FUN!
Let me and the others know with a reply of this fix worked for you! I’m sure it does tho..

(If you are unable to save the game make sure you run the game as Administrator)

(Close google chrome while playing games. This gives you 5~15 FPS boost)

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In trying to create a Windows Defender Offline USB flash drive I received the error message

“windows defender offline tool error” 0007-80004005

The root cause of the error seems to be that I had inadvertently formatted my USB flash drives as GPT instead of MBR. To clear the GPT I started DISKPART and entered following DISKPART commands:

List disk —————–{list number assigned by DiskPart to the USB drive}
select disk 1 ————-{my hard drive was 0, and 1 was the USB flash drive}
detail disk —————{info will help verify that you’ve selected the desired USB flash drive}
clean all —————–{write zeroes to all bytes of selected disk}
create partition primary –{create a primary partition in the selected disk}
select partition 1 ——–{select the partition you just created}
active ——————–{mark the partition as Active, ie, a system bootable partition}
format fs=ntfs ————{format the partition as ntfs}
assign ——————–{assign next available drive letter to the volume}
exit ———————-{exit DISKPART and return to the command-shell prompt}

After wiping the GPT off the flash drive I was able to successfully create a Windows Defender Offline flash drive.

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Go to Nvidia Control panel and set Power management mode to use prefer maximum performance and change maximum pre rendered frames to 3.

Boom. Stuttering gone


Open the GamerProfile.xml file with Notepad Find GPUMaxBufferedFrames=”0″ and change to GPUMaxBufferedFrames=”1″

and also DisableLoadingMip0 =”1″. You don’t have to do this to eliminate the stuttering but it wont eliminate completely, there will be slight micro stutter to the well trained eye. try it.


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Have you played CRYSIS 2 COOP ?

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Far Cry 4 Coop – open world free roam coop. I do believe we have a winner.

– Free open world to run around in.
– Respawn times and player rescue.
– Match finding, lobby system.
– Campaign style – not too caught up in a coop thing.
– Level changes and load times.
– Game Save System – Load and Save coop games.

A must play for any cooperative gamer. You need multiple CD Keys, so just go out and get it as fast as you can. All the keygens and serials are fake and full of malware so don’t even bother. oh yeah I will need you to fill out a short survey.. lol

Awesome game and I really think they hit all the important parts for being the BEST COOP GAME EVER ! well almost..

The free roam open world coop was a must and I cant believe no body has done it sooner. Great Job guys !!!

-Replay ability play some smashup up derby with your friend, Go on a hunting safari, Clean his clock in a death match hunt you down if you can type of play. Maybe take to the sky’s in a good old fashion Dog Fight. Congratulation on a wonderful game. Thank you for the PC support and Cooperative game state of mind. BEST EVER.

Did I mention you can also just play the game.

Farcry 4 coop